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Fuck tumblr’s icon today. The Oktoberfest is the biggest wannabe traditionalist overpriced hype trash for rich people anyone can ever imagine (NO ONE CARES FOR THIS JUNK) with a HUGE rape quote, and todays news on my e-mail web portal was even “How to not get raped at Oktoberfest - 14 tips”. Great. Telling women once again how to not get raped.

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Anonymous: whats yr favorite shoegaze band


S Club 7
- derrick

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never have i related to anything more
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Once I had a really good conversation on okcupid until I got asked what I wanted to be played at my funeral & I responded with “Metallica - For whom the bell tolls”.

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My vagina currently smells & tastes like thai food.

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At work a pretty classy lady bought some Crown imperial Fritillary, & I kept sniffing on it because it smelled intensely like weed & I sniffed & sniffed while I stared at her & finally asked “Doesn’t this..?”, & she said “Yeah, it shall keep away root voles”, & I didn’t know why expect everyone to know what weed smells like & go “Yeah, dude”.

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Anonymous: You are so cute, I just want to kiss you and watch the sunset with you :)


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Shout out to Nadine, Nikol, Maren and Tallulah - you are superduper.

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